The Issues

                • Ensure the prosperous growth of Nashville extends to the Bordeaux/North Nashville area in a purposeful and thoughtful development while keeping the integrity of the neighborhoods.
                • More transparency with elected officials and constituents regarding changes/growth within the community. People want community meetings and updated well publicized with sufficient notice to allow them to voice their opinions regarding issues in their neighborhoods. After attending several community meetings, the common theme among the residents is they want their voices to be heard. They want someone who will take their concerns seriously and truly fight for them.
                • Low income/ affordable housing was the most discussed topic at each community meeting. I believe each district in Davidson county has a duty to share responsibility for providing low income and affordable housing. The numbers from the MDHA assessment demonstrates North Nashville already has more low income and affordable housing than any other area in the county.
  • Attract retail businesses and restaurants to the area. This was the second most discussed topic in the community meetings. Residents would like quality restaurants and shops located within the district. Why should we have to drive to West End, Germantown or Rivergate for a quality meal? No more Waffle Houses, Sonics or Checkers.
  • Create mentor and life skills programs for young black males. I would like to partner with existing organizations and pool our efforts to have more of a direct effect on the community.
  • Keep our schools and neighborhoods safe. Parents want their kids to be safe on the bus stops and while in school.
  • Rising costs of healthcare and medicine for the elderly.
  • Making non-violent felons who have served their sentences and completed probation whole not just voting rights.

We Need Your Help

Bringing reasonable politics to the Tennessee Capitol is a long hard battle, and we need your support. If you have any interest in helping with the campaign, volunteering your time or helping with events and fundraising, please let us know. And if you want to donate, it will help greatly.